Barbancourt was founded on March 18, 1862 by Dupré Barbancourt, a native of Charente in France, who used for his rum the Charentaise method of double distillation used for cognac and aging in Limousin oak barrels.



Comme Il Faut S.A. is an international tobacco company based in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It is owned by Luckett, Inc. of Louisville, Kentucky in the United States, and is also the only local cigarette producer with its Comme Il Faut and Point brands.

KP Builder is a construction company based in Haiti. It has eight years of experience in the construction industry at the national level. Renowned for completing projects on time and on budget, KP Builder offers a wide range of services. 

CAM Transfert is a company specialized in money transfer and has been serving the Haitian community for 33 years. CAM Transfert serves a mainly Haitian clientele living outside of Haiti.


AVANI is an agricultural market that offers consumers organic products, 100% local, coming directly from the Haitian farmer. Fruits, vegetables and also poultry products, everything produced by our farmers is now available in the shelves of the AVANI store.


Joker Electronics is an international Haitian company that specializes in the distribution of electronic and rechargeable electrical devices.

Grab-It is a new company that wants to establish itself in the Haitian food and beverage market. It is an initiative of young dynamic entrepreneurs who understand the importance of technology in the daily life of everyone. It creates an environment where Haitian consumers can use technology on an ongoing basis while supporting local businesses.

Klinn Up is a Haitian company specialized in the manufacture of disinfectants and cleaning products.

EKO DEPOT is a company based in Haiti, it has the high quality products you need. Its hardware store offers a wide range of quality items for the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

Bongú is an haitian brand of food products and commodities of all kinds belonging to Cristosa a division of DEKA GROUP.

TOTPECH is a multinational company that designs and markets electronic accessories and household appliances for the general public. Created in March 2018, the company launched its activities during the 2018 Football World Cup with watches incorporating the design of the participating teams' flags.

Pro Distribution is a Haitian company specialized in the sale of office accessories. Soap dispensers, trash cans, paper dispensers, hand dryer etc... 

Gold Energy is a subsidiary of Gold Deals which specializes in the sale of various types of products. Gold Energy focuses on renewable energies such as solar and wind power. It specializes in the design, installation and maintenance of the following systems

We sell generators, inverters, batteries, solar panels and household appliances.

Eco Life Pest Control is a company that provides commercial and residential services, specializing in the work of rat and insect control and fumigation for the food industry.

WELJ EXPRESS SERVICES is a company who make accessible to all without exception, the import of foreign goods. Purchase on the internet, provisions of foreign families, gifts, whatever the package you wish to send or receive in Haiti, WELJ EXPRESS SERVICES is the right solution. Wherever you are in Haiti, WELJ will deliver your parcels.

The CFTF is a technical school specialized in the training of customs commissioners. Founded in 1995 by Mr. Darnold Inélor Dorval, the CFTF is specialized in the training of "Customs Commissioners", this training is offered over a period of two years. The establishment operates on weekends from 8:00 am to 2:00 am.